Mandoth Drengo


Human Wizard.
He is very, very old and you would think he is immensely powerful. But his magical talents are limited; however his knowledge is understood to be the greatest in Trent. You do not know why his magic is not as strong as other wizards. You just know that his knowledge of everything else is above anyone else.

Mandoth Drengo is also responsible for training any local magician within 100 miles. He receives a stipend from the Mayor. Which is up for renewal soon.

He stands six feet tall. He never wears a hat. And he is balding. Definitely not your everyday looking wizard although he does have a robe he wears. He is old. But after that everything changes. His eyes are penetrating. It seems he always knows what you are about. Mandoth Drengo would be considered to be lazy when it comes to his wardrobe. He is skinny, wearing a belt tight around his waist. The best way to describe his outwear would be a sense of ‘laziness.’


Mandoth Drengo

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