The Last Stand

The Orcish Incursion!

The Last Stand, 11/1/2012
The heroes awoke in the guest bedding in the Temple of Pelor. They donned their gear, and headed downstairs to the common area. The reverend greeted the heroes, and informed them of a text he was in the middle of translating with the help of Pelor. He asked them to visit the Mayor and the Guard Captain. One of the heroes stole a golden chalice (worth 50gp) as the party was leaving for the Guard Captain.

The Guard Captain gave the heroes envelopes from the mayor, and within each was a symbol of the city granting the heroes prestige within the city’s dominion. The Guard Captain told the heroes that the Mayor left for the capitol to seek help with the portals, and the encroaching orc invasion. He explained that the orcs killed a patrol, Guard Bob the gambler included, and that many good men were lost. Some of the heroes were enraged with the news since Bob owed many people money, the heroes included.

The heroes set out to seek revenge, and to collect from what remained of Bob’s body. As the heroes rode north the gods, angered by the theft of the Chalice worth 50gp created a storm to punish the members. However, the gods were nice enough to allow the storm to pass when the heroes made camp.

The next day, the heroes encountered the orcs. Before them stood many orcs and few ogres, but it was what hid above them that was the frightening foe: The Ogre Magi! The elf foolishly hailed the orcs, asking if they needed help. The orcs responded with bellowing roars of war as their master pointed in a most dramatic manner at the heroes.

The heroes created an army of illusions to confuse the orcs, introduced them to the modern era of shotguns, showed them the power of a fully functional battle station(monk), gave the orcs’ leader a gracious helping of Alchemist Bombs, and impromptu injections of steel.

In the end the orcs fell to the heroes, but the Ogre Magi remained. In their darkest hour the heroes fought for their lives against the Magi, but that was also when from out of nowhere a Wild Reverend appeared to incinerate the Ogre Magi.
With the orc threat defeated the heroes turned their collective gaze to a greater threat….



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